On Wednesday the 8th of May, we held our final knitting event in Hawick. Similarly to the first week, this evening was held entirely in the Tower House – one grand, final knitting circle.

Paul Brough kicked off the night with a pleasant announcement – Paul and Susan, from Heart of Hawick, have kindly offered to continue the knitting circles, suggesting the Heritage Hub as a potential meeting place. The group welcomed the idea, with the consensus being that one night a month would be perfect for everyone to gather at the usual time and place for some knitting, chatting and fun – with the occasional special guest speaker.

Sylvia and Muriel then thanked the group for their enormous contribution to the project. The squares – the main things most were working on during these sessions – were ready to be arranged and sewn together, after a personal introduction by each person who created them. All of the squares were beautiful and each had its own personal touch. (Have a look at our ‘Stories’ section of the site for a picture of Joyce Tinlin’s square, along with the beautiful poem she wrote to accompany it.)IMG_1418-1

The evening was exciting in more ways than one, as the 8th was also the night of the picking of the Cornet, for the Common Riding. The streets of Hawick were crowded with people eagerly awaiting the Cornet to ride past, and when the parade passed the Tower House most knitting needles were cast aside as everyone dashed to the window to have a peek.

After a break for wine and a celebratory chocolate cake, to thank everyone for taking part, the knitting was resumed and while we didn’t manage to get all of the squares sewn together, they will be finished in time to be included into Sylvia’s play.IMG_1419

Although that was the last of this project’s knitting sessions, there will be a general knitting circle at the Heritage Hub on Wednesday the 29th of May. We have thoroughly enjoyed these past five events, and want to remind everyone who attended that they will all receive a warm welcome at the play’s reading in Hawick in October.