Knitwear – The Timeless Trend

One evening my mother came home from work with a gift from her colleague, who also farms alpacas. The beauty of alpaca farming, alongside the infectiously friendly nature of the animals, is that the produce from their wool contains hypoallergenic properties and feels luxuriously soft and warm, yet is more sturdy than cashmere. The gift my mother’s colleague had given her was for me, despite us never having met. I opened the small, tissued parcel to reveal a beautifully woven cream head-band, both soft and strong, which went on to see me through the extensive Scottish winter with aplomb.

The labels which my mother’s colleague attaches to all of her products contain a photo of the lovely alpaca that the wool is from, as well as the animal’s name and information about the wool. My boyfriend, despite informing me that it was “the most middle class thing” he’d ever seen (which in the knowledge that the same farmer that sells the items also raises, looks after and shears the animals before the items are knitted, I can only put down to the alpacas being a classy bunch) also appreciates the uniqueness of my headband, and the assurance that my head is kept cosy.

I delight at telling the ‘alpaca facts’ I have learned vicariously through my mother’s colleague to whomever may be fortunate enough to be around on a chilly, alpaca head-banded day. As a matter of fact, alpacas are a rather sophisticated lot and their wool deserves to be sought after. I should point out that at the time of receiving this gift I was 22 and the year 2012. This has left me hopeful for the revival of a surge of up and coming, homegrown knitwear enthusiasts and that, before long, the attachment I display to my headband will inspire fashionistas everywhere to cotton (or wool, for that matter) on to the timeless trend.

Posted by: Stephanie Seeley