Hazel Tindall, Shetland born and bred, has been knitting for as long as she can remember. She has knitted as both a hobby and a source of income, and has stated that it is her aim to encourage people to adopt a more efficient knitting method.

Hazel provides authentic Fair Isle knitting patterns (available to buy from her website, www.hazeltindall.com) and has also been featured in several knitting and craft books – Significant Figures in Art and Crafts Today and Real Shetland Yarns.

She was kind enough to send in her own knitting story to be published on our website (check out the ‘Stories’ section) and her full biography can be found on her own personal website.

Particularly impressive about Hazel’s knitting skills is the speed at which she can work! In 2004 she entered – and won – a competition to find the World’s Fastest Knitter, managing 244 stitches in just 3 minutes. She was invited back to represent the UK in Minneapolis in 2008, coming first again with 262 stitches in 3 minutes. This short youtube clip shows a sample of Hazel’s speed-knitting – she doesn’t even have to look at her work!